BURG DESIGN (Aust) was Established in 1984 is now one of Australia's oldest and most respected distributors of famous brand & innovative high quality new products

HISTORY: Pioneered by our CEO Ray Graham ,Our original business SUNTASTIC ACCESSORIES & PD Sales PTY LTD  was established in the early 1970s and continued into the 1980s. Specialising in Sun Roofs ,Custom Design Vehicles & Unique Automotive Accessories,Aerodynamic Vehicle Body Modifications, Motor Trimming & many other Genuine OEM & Aftermarket  Automotive Accessories for companies like HSV,TOYOTA,MAZDA,HONDA,NISSAN,MITSUBISHI,SUZUKI, We became very well known and respected as automotive industry pioneers & new product design innovators .

In the mid 1980s to suit the ever changing market we changed our trading name to AUTO COSMETICS PTY LTD and then eventually to BURG DESIGN (Aust) PTY LTD in 1987 after we struck a successful partnership with BURG DESIGN (Austria).

TODAY 2019 :We continue to develop & pioneer new and innovative products to suit our ever changing markets and to retain our strong point of difference .We are all about product quality, service and customer support.


Accessories such as PARKSAFE Reversing Cameras & Parking sensors,Blind Spot Detectors (BSD), COWON/BLACKVUE Dash Cameras,TPMS,HYUNDAI Smart Battery Chargers ,Bongiovi Acoustics,Solar Car Battery Chargers,RIDOF Waterless Hand Cleaning Wipes, KOTE-iT NANO Car Care surface technology,X1R Automotive ADDITIVES developed by NASA,Ceramic Engine Restorer,TAJCO Exhaust Tips,Door Sill Protection sets,LED Lighting,TTC Coil Suspension Handling Upgrades plus many other specialty items..

                   " This is where it all began "



                 Suntastic Accessories & PD sales (Automotive Restyling Specialists) 

We were the first restyling and aftermarket business in Australia and as such we alone created and introduced to the market many new and innovative vehicle concepts & accessories such as ,Body and Interior Trim Styling,Front, Rear and Side Spoilers,Headlight Covers,Chrome Nudge Bars,Roof Racks,Boot Racks,Decor Striping,Hub Caps