As a driver you're responsible for controlling your car at all times, managing traffic as you look out for animals, pedestrians, and bicyclists that might cross your path. 

According to the Census Bureau, drivers share the road with more bicyclists than ever before. If a bicyclist causes you to have an accident, will you be able to prove what happened? 

Capture this evidence with Secure360, the only automotive security camera that captures all 360 degrees of evidence both when you're driving and parked.

Truth is in sight.

Trouble doesn’t have blind spots or pause when you park your car. Neither should your car security solution. 

Secure360 is the only automotive security camera that records in 360 degrees, whether you’re in the car or not, securing the truth to protect you from misinformation.

  • Drive and park with confidence. Secure360 records while you drive and watches for trouble 360 hours when you park.

  • Never miss a thing. Secure360 captures all 360 degrees, showing what happens inside and outside your car during an event.

Contact: or 03 95559277 /Order now just $599.00

(includes hard wire kit)

Breakthrough Features:

  • Witness Everything: 360-degree lens captures everything inside and out. Whether a fender bender in a parking lot or a collision during a commute, the Secure360's interior and exterior views eliminate confusion about what occurred. 

  • Always Available: Low power sensors watch for unusual events. The Secure360 packs amazing technology into a beautiful design, using radar, a 3-axis accelerometer and GPS to detect events even when the car is turned off for an extended time -- up to 360 hours.