As a driver you're responsible for controlling your car at all times, managing traffic as you look out for animals, pedestrians, and bicyclists that might cross your path. 

According to the Census Bureau, drivers share the road with more bicyclists than ever before. If a bicyclist causes you to have an accident, will you be able to prove what happened? 

Capture this evidence with Secure360, the only automotive security camera that captures all 360 degrees of evidence both when you're driving and parked.

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"YOUTRAC" Simply the Best !    Contact : or phone 0395559277

"YOUTRAC" Simply the Best !

Contact : or phone 0395559277

YOUTRAC Vehicle Tracker Information……….

The RX-10 vehicles trackers are 4G and will work on the 3G network as well

They are IP67 waterproof and shock proof

They have no external antenna’s

They use quality parts such as Swiss made modules and a Japanese Lithium Ion backup battery

They have all the Australian Certifications such as C tick and RCM

They use the Telstra 4G network.

RX-10 4G Tracker Optional Extra’s

Immobiliser output for remote vehicle cut-off

Driver ID function using IButton technology

Temperature Sensor monitoring for refrigerated vehicles


YOUTRAC Asset trackers: come with their  own Battery power source (For trailers and caravans with no battery )

Please note: Currently all asset tracker are 3G only

AT-5000    5000mAh Battery with wall charger  (Battery inside tracker)

AT-9000    9000mAh Battery with wall charger  (Battery separate)

Real time tracking or Timer mode tracking

Recharge using supplied wall charger


SECURITY PRODUCTS (Priced to clear) 

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