Fishing Trip

Recently we spent a day fishing with my grandson in the QLD NOOSA river on a hired group fishing boat ,The fishing that day  was very poor but still a lot of fun,

By the end of the day our hands were really dirty and stinky from handling all of the dead prawns and fish bits .

I asked the boat operator if he had and hand cleaner but was told no, you will have to wait until you get off the boat and use the public toilets !!  

I then attempted to put my hands over the side of the boat to wash of all the dirt crap but was quickly pulled back and told not to do that as there are sharks in the river .

Very Frustrating 

I then remembered I had a few sachets of the RIDOF hand cleaning wipes in my kit bag ,pulled them out and we proceed to clean our hands with them.

The boat owner noticed this and politely told us we were wasting our time as the smell would be with us for likely a few days. As a matter of interest I smelt my own hands and could only smell  fresh lemon citrus so I told the boat owner who then said that's crazy let me smell your hands.

He was amazed and wanted to know where he could buy them.

~Ray Melbourne Victoria