"RACE DECK" Innovative Flooring

                    Say goodbye to you ,cracked, stained and unsightly garage floors

RaceDeck Is very easy to install and creates a clean durable floor covering thus hiding your unsightly concrete ,RaceDeck is a cost effective alternative to epoxy coatings ,it can be installed in hours, just snap the tiles together, not like epoxy coatings and without the toxic fumes associated with painted floor coatings,

RaceDeck  is a multipurpose interlocking flooring system engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments and is not affected by automotive chemicals, RaceDeck is UV stable, easy to clean and suitable for vehicle traffic plus it comes with a 15 year limited warranty ,try getting that with epoxy coatings.Simply vacuum, sweep or mop the easy clean your non-slip RaceDeck Floor.  

Free-Flow floors allow dirt, water and snow to fall right through the surface to keep you above the elements.Simple vacuum debris or power wash to clean the floor.

RACEDECK: Manufactured in the USA

Contact : sales@burgdesign.com.au  or 03 95559277