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  • Less Dust
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Suitable for hundreds of applications where dust is a problem


Advantages :

Dustex – Superior Surface Management | Dust Control

* Easy to mix and apply with water tanker

* Ideal for Dusty Roads, Car Parks, Rural Farms,Livestock Yards, Mines, Airports, Helipads, Construction sites, Road Stabilisation ,Wineries ,Orchards,Vacant Land, and lots more 

About Dustex

Dustex is a lignosulphonate product derived from the wood pulping process and developed specifically for road stabilisation and dust control. 

A product of paper manufacture, this natural polymer is non-toxic, easy to handle and satisfies all environmental requirements.

Dustex is manufactured by Borregaard LignoTech and marketed in Australia by Dustex Australia. The product is available in liquid concentrate.

Lignin, a natural polymer, is a major component of wood. It imparts rigidity to the cell walls and acts as a binder between the wood cells, creating a composite material that is outstandingly resistant to impact, compression and bending. Lignosulphonate is produced as part of a pulping process when the cellulose and lignin are separated.

An important property of lignosulphonates is their ability to act as binders. The binding action of lignosulphonates is both chemical and physical in nature and results from the intermolecular forces between the sulphonated lignin molecules and the molecules on the surface of the particles being bonded. The size of the adhesive molecule is important for the formation of the cohesive bond and is also partly responsible for the strength of the cohesion. The bond is strong enough to resist the abrasion of tyres.

Lignosulphonates are effective binders for different types of soils and road aggregates. As a binder it glues the particles together. The treated surface layer becomes stiff preventing individual particle movement and the subsequent generation of nuisance dust. The treated surface is smooth and hard with providing excellent traction in wet or dry conditions.

This natural polymer is non-toxic, easy to handle and satisfies all environmental requirements.

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