Tajco Exhaust Trims

Distributed by BURG DESIGN  

Tajco produces and delivers premium tailpipe trims to the automotive industry, either delivered directly to you or to your Tier 2 supplier for further mounting. No customer is the same, and no product is the same. We always work in close collaboration with you, the customer, to create a customised solution based on your needs and requirements. All tailpipe trims from Tajco are either exhaust-mounted or bumper/facia-mounted, and are all surface treated.


Exhaust mounted trims

Exhaust-mounted trims are set at the exhaust pipe, and are round or oval. They are often produced using rolling or bending methods and are usually simpler to manufacture than bumper/facia-mounted trims. Exhaust-mounted trims are usually shipped directly to the customer’s factories. 


Bumper/facia mounted

Bumper/facia-mounted trims are set in the bumper itself, and are often produced using deepdrawing and 3D laser welding to create shapes that have previously been hard or impossible to make. Bumper/facia-mounted trims are usually shipped on to Tier 2 suppliers for further mounting.