Mini CCD Stalk Reversing Camera (Original Equipment Style)

Parksafe has been Australia’s leading supplier for reversing camera’s and parking camera’s for many years. Here at Parksafe we are very proud of this unique camera which provides incredible picture quality. The camera has switchable guidelines, 0.1 LUX low light picture, which provides a high quality image in very low light. Mounted via 10mm threaded stalks makes it tamper proof. Generally this camera is mounted above the number plate on the boot latch shelf area to provide the best viewing angle. A must have for the safety of your vehicle and those around you when parking or reversing out of enclosed driveways.

Available in: NTSC version – (25-035GLM),  PAL version – (25-035PAL),  Look Down Version – (25-035LD)



  • 170° View angle
  • NTSC
  • 0.1 LUX
  • Mirror Image (snip white wire to convert to forward camera)
  • Switchable guidlines on/off via purple wire
  • Water resistant
  • 9.6 Volt – 14 Volt operation
  • Sharp lens
  • Threaded stalk mount (anti-theft)