Front Sensors

Front parking sensors from Australia’s Best…”PARKSAFE”

The “PARKSAFE” front sensor system operates in a similar fashion to the rear system, with some noticeable differences.

They have a full range coverage on all four sensors with a maximum range of 90cm. Provides the driver with a visual guide by illuminating LED’S. When the vehicle is within 30cm of an object and the red LED’s are illuminated on one or both sides of the display the driver will hear a one second audible tone.

digital display

"PARKSAFE" Front sensors feature 5 Zones, With Alert warnings on the last 2 zones. The sensors range from 1 metre down to 0.3 metres.


Alert Zones

The “PARKSAFE” Ultrasonic Parking Sensor System electronically scans the area ahead of your vehicle during parking procedures and acoustically alarms you to other vehicles or objects within close proximity.

Coverage Patterns

“Parksafe sensor systems. No blind spots!


Why choose PARKSAFE?

Park with increased safety and confidence. Faster and easier parking, especially in tight situations. Helps prevent accident damage when parking. Provides side protection for narrow lanes or garages.

Parksafe front parking sensors

Parksafe front parking sensors

Insist on the BEST…Ask for “PARKSAFE”. Australia’s best reversing sensors.